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hello, lovelies! so nice to meet all of you and i hope you're enjoying your stay here on my page or in my gallery. please feel free to browse! there's not much to me, just a girl from a small little town in America, but i've been writing for almost 12 years now and it's basically the only hobby i'm good at, so i put a lot of effort into the things i submit here. i love to chat with all of my readers and get to know what you guys think, what you're enjoying and what i can do to make my work better/more enjoyable.

thanks for visiting, darlings!
hello my dear, dear readers, watchers and overall very lovely people (sorry in advance for typos),

i'm so sorry for the delay in everything and that it's been a while since i updated, but, as any writer or artist may know, sometimes life makes it hard to be as creative as we would like. this is, at least, true for me. you see, i've been more than a little depressed lately and haven't know what to do with myself-

do you ever feel stuck? not literally, but mentally or emotionally? just...stuck. it's hard to explain, and sometimes hard to understand, but that's how i've felt. there are days i want to put all my money on my debit card and run away, to see the world i long to see, but the underlying realization that that wouldn't be the best life decision usually wins out (well always wins out, since i'm still here). and, per usual, there are other life issues that build up on that and make my personal storm cloud rain even more, but what can one do? i also haven't had the time. unfortunately, i do my best writing at night, but now that i'm an adult with responsibilities and a job, i can't realistically stay up as late as i used to. some people can do it, but 5 hours of sleep a night, for weeks in a row, just isn't enough for me. and it's no excuse, really, or even a good reason as to why i've kept you all so patiently waiting, but i just haven't been able to write anything that lives up to what i've already written. 

i simply don't want to disappoint any of you and i haven't been pleased with the quality of anything i've churned out so far. i've re-written the beginning of chapter 2 for 'Hearts on Fire'...3 times now? maybe 4, i really can't remember. i was on a Supernatural binge and it was 3am, so it's a little fuzzy. i also think i'm about to rewrite it again, so there's that, but i think i have a solid beginning now and will hopefully get something done within the next few days. i swear on Dean Winchester that i will have it done this summer and hopefully sooner than later. as for Steve's story, Whisper, it's still going fine and i have plenty of ideas of that one, but the others i'm not so sure about. i may finish them, i may not, but i love you all so much for reading them. and, hey, if i find i can't finish it, someone else is welcome to.

finally, i want you all to know i read every comment you leave and i am grateful for every llama, favorite, and watch that comes from you wonderful, sweet, amazing people. it truly lifts my spirits when i see them pop up on my activities page and i do my best to reply to every single one, but if for some reason i've missed you, please know that i am eternally thankful. you all have been so supportive, encouraging and have made me smile so much with your kind words. it's every writer's dream to hear that their work has been so well received, that it's inspired laughter and tears, and that people are reading it not once, but over and over, so please don't think that i've abandoned you. thank you all so much.

i'm sad so my writing sucks fall over 


Jul 30, 2014
10:07 pm
Jul 30, 2014
9:09 pm
Jul 30, 2014
7:31 pm
Jul 30, 2014
7:11 pm
Jul 30, 2014
4:45 pm


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