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Makoto Tachibana, a student in his final year of high school and captain of the Iwatobi Swim Team, normally woke to the sound of his alarm clock, which was, of course, set for three hours later on the weekends. Today, however, on this particularly sunny Saturday, he woke to something else - a sweet, lovely sound that instantly stirred his curiosity.

It sounds like singing, he thought to himself as he sat up in bed and rubbed his tired eyes. The clock read 9:47 am and the sun already shined brightly through the window, waking him completely. He stood, stretched, and dressed before going to investigate the source of the sound. Once outside, he shoved a hand through his messy brown hair and looked around, finding nothing out of the ordinary in his crowded neighborhood, except for the singing that he could now hear clearly. Whoever it was also played an acoustic guitar, and Makoto, for what he knew of such things, thought she (for he could tell it was a girl) sounded quite talented.

But where was it coming from? Since he couldn't see anyone from the balcony, he slipped on his shoes and descended the stairs, finally finding the source of the sound a few houses down. That was when he remembered the house had sold a few weeks ago, and from the bits of gossip he'd heard, the new family was supposed to move in a couple days ago. Makoto made his way up to the fence that surrounded the small courtyard, which was a beautiful feat given the minimal space, and started to call out to her, to introduce himself, but stopped short when he spotted her. His hand slowly fell to rest on the fence and Makoto could do not but listen.

She lay in the porch swing on the far end of the courtyard, propped up by a single pillow, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing completely unrestrained. Either she didn't know the neighborhood could hear her, or she didn't care. Her [texture] [color] hair was pulled up and away from her face, revealing a small nose, high cheekbones and a soft, curved jaw line. Her [color] skin was smooth and [tanned/pale], and he wished her eyes were open, so he could see their color. Dapples of golden sunlight covered her body, dancing as the swing moved slowly back and forth, and Makoto found his hand moving toward the latch on her gate. She wore simple clothes, just [describe favorite outfit], and she looked entirely peaceful. The latch moved under his fingers, but he stopped himself from entering the courtyard, but suddenly she was looking at him with the most vivid, beautiful [color] eyes he'd ever seen.

"Hello," she said, staring right at him with a confused, but kind smile on her lips. Makoto instantly turned red and backed up from her fence, holding his hands to express his innocence.

"H-Hello," he returned her greeting, turning an even deeper red when she laughed. She set her guitar aside and walked over to him to put her hands on the gate, where his had rested just seconds ago.

"Were you spying on me?" she asked playfully, a smile dancing on her lips. Makoto stuttered with a reply, which only made her laugh again. "It's alright if you were. I always dreamed of having an audience when I played."

"I'm a regrettably small audience," he managed to say, returning her smile with a little one of his own. She was even prettier up close, he thought to himself, watching her lean against the gate and put her chin in her palm. "Who are you?" he asked her, but she only smiled at him.

- Reader POV -

"____," you answered, finally breaking the stillness between the pair of you. "____ ________," you added your surname and watched him nod, as if he were considering your name before speaking again.

"I'm Makoto," he introduced himself back, "Makoto Tachibana."

"A pleasure, then, Makoto," you said, frowning a bit when he blushed furiously and started stuttering again. "Did I say something wrong?"

"N-no!" he assured you quickly, waving his hands. His blushed faded to a pale pink, which you thought was utterly adorable. "It's just it's very informal, in our culture, to use another person's first name so soon after meeting him."

"Ah," you nodded slowly before smiling apologetically at him. "I'm sorry. I'm still getting used to things around here. We do things a bit differently back home."

"Where's home?" he asked and you sighed lightly, as if considering him for a moment.
"Here, now, but it used to be [city/country]," you answered, though there was something in your voice that made Makoto pause and study you for a moment. "What?"

"Nothing," he shook his head. "Well, you can call me Makoto, if you want."

"Is that okay?" you asked, looking up at him. "If I'm supposed to call you something else, please say so."

"Makoto is fine, really," he assured you with a smile and you found yourself smiling back, happy for the first time you'd come here. "Hey, why haven't you been in school?"

"Ah, I don't start until next week," you explained. "There were mess ups with my paperwork, so I wasn't able to start this past week like I had planned, but maybe that was a good thing."

"How's that?" Makoto asked, tipping his head at you. Oh, he was so cute!

"Because now I have a weekend tutor to prepare me for my first day," you answered and Makoto's cheeks instantly went pink. You giggled. "I'll see you for lunch then, Makoto?"

"Y-yeah, sure," he nodded, and then turned to go back to his house, looking a little confused over what had just happened. That made you smile and, as you walked back to the porch swing, you decided that maybe this move wouldn't be the worst thing to happen in your life.

- Later that day, around Lunch time -

"Hello," you said, opening the door and letting Makoto inside. He smiled back at you.

"Hello," he replied, stepping inside and looking around your living room. You shut the door and came to stand beside him, tucking your hands behind your back. There wasn't much in your living room, just a couch, a chair and table, a medium-sized TV, and a few plants.

"I don't have much yet," you laughed a bit and scratched your head before smiling up at him. "Would you like some lunch? I made sandwiches."

"Sure," Makoto nodded. "Are your parents out to work?"

"Oh, they didn't come," you shook your head as he poured two glasses of lemonade and brought the tray over to the table. You gestured for Makoto to sit on the couch and you took your customary place in the chair. "They're back in [city]. I moved here by myself."

"Why?" Makoto asked, so innocently curious that you had to answer. It was like he really wanted to know, not that he was just being nosy, and like he actually cared about your answer, even though you just met him a few hours ago.

"I wanted to get away," you answered, "Don't get me wrong, I love [city], I've just wanted out for a while now. A lot of personal things."

"I'm sorry," Makoto said, and he did seem genuinely sorry, so you just smiled at him.

"It's alright," you said, shaking your head. "So! I have my books, I thought we could go over those, and I thought you could teach me a few common customs, so you know, I don't embarrass anyone, or myself."

"You won't do that," Makoto laughed lightly and shook his head. "But I can do that."
"Great!" you smiled him and, after lunch, the two of you started your first, of what would become many, tutoring sessions.

About three hours later, you closed your book and set it on the table, more than done for the day. "Thank you, Tachibana-sensei!" you told him, and Makoto laughed, nodding approvingly at you.

"Very good, ____ -chan," he praised you, smiling back. You laughed and stood, stretching your back. Makoto stood as well, letting out the cutest, shocked noise when he noticed the time. "Is that the time?"

"Yeah, I think so," you nodded. "I just set that clock this morning so-"

"I'm late!" he said, skirting around the table on his way to get his shoes. You tipped your head at him and followed.

"Late for what?"

"Swim practice. I was supposed to be there at 1," he explained. "I'm sorry to have to leave so suddenly, but they'll be in fits if I don't hurry."

"Who will?" you asked, still watching him curiously.

"My friends, though they're likely to just start without me."

"Friends?" you asked and Makoto nodded. "Can I come? I promise I won't be in the way, or be a distraction, and I'll be very quiet. Please!" you begged, putting your hands together and giving your best, puppy-dog eyes.

"Sure," he nodded and you cheered, yanking on your shoes and pulling the door shut behind you. "But we have to hurry!" he said, taking your hand and leading you as the pair of you ran toward Iwatobi High School.
so this little story is going to be my guilty pleasure. it's likely to be cute and fluffy, because that's what i want, but i've never known anyone to argue da fluffiness. i can't promise it will be good, or interesting, or anything like that, but i just want to write about this sweet, little swim captain. it probably won't end up being as long as my other stories, maybe only five chapters, but i hope you still enjoy!

disclaimer: i don't know Free!, or the characters, or you, dear reader. only the storyline.

links to the other chapters:
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